West Virginia Human Rights Commission

Meet The Director

In 1961 the West Virginia Human Rights Commission was founded with purpose to fight discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation.  We have been charged with the responsibility to operate with the highest integrity and moral standards.  The citizens of West Virginia deserve to have their rights protected with a thorough and diligent process.
As the Executive Director and a native of Kanawha County, West Virginia it is my passion for the people of West Virginia. I believe in empowering the people of West Virginia to elevate beyond their current circumstance. In building people’s capacity to succeed, we all shall reap the benefits; now and in the future.
The West Virginia Human Rights Commission, with integrity and moral standing, seeks to empower and build the capacity of the citizens of West Virginia. The office will endeavor to ensure fair and thorough reviews of issues before the Commission. We look forward to being in service with the citizens of the great state of West Virginia.
Tia L. Welch
Executive Director
WV Human Rights Commission
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