West Virginia Human Rights Commission

50th Year Celebration

On December 13, 2011, the West Virginia Human Rights Commission held their 50th Year Celebration in the Upper Rotunda of the West Virginia State Capital.  Among the speakers were Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, The Honorable Darrell McGraw, Reverend Ronald English, The Honorable Tod J. Kaufman, and Dr. Hazo Carter. 

The second part of the program dealt with the different protected classes covered under the West Virginia Human Rights Act.  Speakers asked to give remarkes and reflections on these classes included:

Ancestry: Dr. Minu Sabet and Lee H. Adler
Age: Betty Hamilton and William L. Williams
Blindness: Sheri Koch and Sharon Fridley
Color: Sylvia Ridgeway
Disability: Elmer Day, David Stewart, and Ariel Depp
Familial Status: Cheryl Henderson and The Honorable Ken Hechler
National Origin: Dr. Rahul Gupta
Race: Rev. Emanuel Heyligher
Religion: Rev. Patricia Jarvis and Rabbi Victor Urecki
Sex: Joan C. Browning and Barbara Cary

To view the 50th Year Celebration program, please click here.