West Virginia Human Rights Commission


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Beverly L. Wattie on behalf of Krystal Wattie, a minor v. Barbara Cobb   -   PAR-282-01      [FY 2004]

Sarah Williams Welch v. Sheriff of Boone County   -   ES-156-77      [FY 1984]

Betty R. Wendling v. West Virginia Real Estate Commission   -   EAS-84-95A      [FY 1997]

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Claude H. Whitlow, Jr. v. City of Charleston   -   EH-54-95      [FY 1999]

Roberta D. Whitt v. Mingo County Equal Opportunity Counsel and Headstart Director   -   EA-609-85, EH-610-85      [FY 1987]

Violet Whittington v. Monsanto Company   -   ES-2-77      [FY 1979]

Deloris Wilder v. West Virginia Community Mental Service Department   -   ER-80-77      [FY 1986]

Lawrence Edward Wilkerson v. City of Williamson Police Department   -   ER-249-81      [FY 1986]

Johnetta L. Williams v. Donald Cunningham and Marilyn Cunningham   -   HR-594-87      [FY 1990]

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